Team Roster - Cat 4

Christian Duncan, Cheshire

Christian, who is a father and Quinnipiac University Professor, started racing a couple of years ago and prefers the hilly long races over the shorter criteriums. Even so, he always is ready to ride for his teammates and enjoys aggressively riding to make every race he's in a fast one


Sean Whitehurst, Windsor

Sean had a good 2011 Cyclocross campaign with multiple top ten finishes. He hopes to use the road season to prep for cyclocross season. He can often be found at the back of group sprints after chasing down break aways not containing teammates. He can often be found at Nathan Hale State Forest and Case Mountain on his mountain bike, Grimace.


Dana Ravenberg, Cheshire

Age: 49 (some trees don't even live that long)
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 170 lbs
Strengths: Absolutely none....except that I sometimes think that I actually could win.
Career Highlights: TBD

Retired US Army pilot. Currently flies for Starr Companies. Started riding/racing road and mountain in 2012.


Gregg Ferraris

Dave LaRue

Andy Lawson

Monty Burgess

Bruce McGalliard

Peter Kenny

John Bonadies